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Angela Diggs

Licensed Broker, REALTOR®

Let’s take this from the top.. Growing up, I was referred to as a “Military Brat” :-). My family serving in the Military goes way back. After my Dad’s first tour in Germany was complete and knowing that he had to go back to serve another tour, my mom and I settled into Union County to be close to her family. I went to school, got married and raised my children in the New Salem area. From a young age, I have been big on education and moving forward to make myself the best that I could be and I instilled these values into my children as well. Eventually after several classes, I began working in Accounting. This was a great career and good money, (so I thought) until the dreaded LONG hours at tax time each year. After years of these extended hours away from home, I decided to make a career change. I worked as a Legal Assistant for about a year for a Real Estate Attorney and then went into a life changing but rewarding career in Public Service. I began this career change at the Union County 911 dispatch center and realized that my love of helping people was much deeper than just a phone call, although this position was MUCH deeper than a phone call, I wanted more! I wanted to be there, with my patient, there in front of them, holding their hand and guiding them through some of the most difficult and memorable times in their lives. After some very long and tedious hours, I finally obtained my certification as a First Responder, then Basic EMT and finally, I became a Paramedic. Please note, I thoroughly enjoyed my career as a Paramedic. I still hold my certifications and my instructor cards in that field. But after Serving 20+ years in public service and long 24 hours shifts, sometimes days on end, I began to do more soul searching. What was it that I could continue to do to help others in a beneficial way and stay with them every step of the way? This decision led me to a career I had wanted for as long as I can remember; the Profession of Real Estate. My experience in Public Service provided me with the knowledge of the areas I would serve, how to maintain a positive attitude and the drive to succeed regardless of any situation. So all of this, brings me to YOU, your family and friends. Specializing in Residential Real Estate, my goal is to find the perfect home at an affordable price for my clients and/or sell the perfect home that leaves both buyer and seller feeling good about their purchase. The smile on the faces of clients at closing on their new home or the smile when they sell a home to move up or move over is my drive. My experience in representing clients from First time to Luxury home buyers will certainly show in my actions and honesty. You will know and feel assured that I put your needs above all others .... getting Results, not promises.